About US

Lana Ricca & Woomere collections feature garments crafted from the finest cashmere and pure virgin wool, using double-faced fabric that delivers a luxurious, feather-light, and supremely comfortable fit. Our commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious practices is at the heart of our production process.

Our double-faced wool-cashmere is not only exceptionally warm and incredibly soft but also remarkably lightweight. Achieving a flawless finish with invisible seams requires the use of artisan stitching techniques.

The art of pure manual sewing demands a high level of technical skill. Even a seasoned craftsman or craftswoman with many years of experience typically dedicates about three days to complete a single coat. Each inch of our coats contains approximately nine stitches, and on average, each coat boasts around 500 inches of stitching. That totals an impressive 4,500 hand-stitches per coat! This meticulous craftsmanship, coupled with the limited supply of cashmere, makes owning one of our luxury double-faced wool-cashmere coats an exclusive privilege.

We take immense pride in our artisan stitching, which is exemplified in details such as patch pockets adorned with a running stitch trim, the elegant two-colored double-face wool fabric, and the discreet concealed pressed stud fastening button. Our commitment to quality places us on par with renowned brands like MaxMara.

Experience the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship with Lana Ricca & Woomere collections.


 How We Craft Our Coats?

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