What is double-faced?

(1) What is double-faced ?

Double-faced fabric is a high-grade, double-woven fabric. Double-faced fabric is made of high-quality cashmere, wool, silk, and other natural fabrics. The manufacturing process threads two thin fabrics together to form a thicker fabric; both sides are the same side and either side can be used for making garments. This also allows more options for creativity in designs without adding on additional weight. Making double-faced garments require special seaming and finishing techniques only possible through hand stitching. There is no lining required for making garments with double-faced fabric.


(2) Why double-faced Cashmere-Wool?

Double-faced Cashmere-Wool fabric is expensive in the market not only because of its refined production, but also because its fabric characteristics mean a high base price.

NO.1 Light

The weight per square meter is less than 300 grams, so it has always been known as "zero gravity." Why our double-faced coats are breathable a mystery of nature.

NO.2 Double-sidedness

The color of the fabric can be the same or different on both sides. This means that the fashion expression is stronger, so that the designer can have more space to play; at the same time, the consumer can achieve a multi-wear effect.

NO.3 Stiff

Because the front and back are all sewn, the coat does not need lining. This way, it is thicker, more sturdy, and is not easy to wrinkle.  

NO.4 Warmth

Since the double-faced fabric is woven from two separate layers of fabric, the double-faced fabric is warmer than a single layer of fabric.

(3) Note on double-faced washing:

1. It is not resistant to alkali. Neutral detergent should be used. It is best to use special wool detergent.

2. It is soaked in cold water for a short time, and the washing temperature does not exceed 40 degrees.

3. Use squeeze washing, avoid twisting; flat dry or hanging dry; do not expose to the sun.

4. Wet plastic shaping or semi-dry shaping, can remove wrinkles.

5. Machine wash; do not use a pulsator washing machine; it is recommended to use the drum washing machine first, should choose to lightly wash the coat.

6. High-grade all-wool or wool-blend clothing, recommended dry cleaning.

7. Do not wash with a washboard.